ABOUT: The Portuguese Red Cross is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian institution founded on February 11, 1865 by Dr. José António Marques. The fundamental objective of the Portuguese Red Cross is to provide humanitarian and social assistance – especially to the most vulnerable. Its actions aim to prevent and repair suffering, while contributing to the defense of life, health and human dignity. The Matosinhos Delegation carries out its mission in compliance with the Statutes of the Portuguese Red Cross and acts in accordance with the regulatory standards of international humanitarian law, in order to guarantee respect for the dignity of the human person, to promote peace, to minimize negative effects conflicts and to protect people's lives and health. We aim to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity and in accordance with our Fundamental Principles: Humanity, Impartiality, Independence, Neutrality, Volunteering, Unity and Universality.

WHAT WE DO: Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Casa de Abrigo (Shelter) - "Recomeçar" - is intended for the temporary reception of Women Victims of Domestic Violence, accompanied (or not) by their minor children, with a current capacity of a total of 25 users;
  • Emergency Vacancies - is intended for the reception in emergency register for women victims of domestic violence accompanied (or not) by their minor children, who immediately need protection and security;
  • Casa de Acolhimento de Emergencia CVP / Norte (Emergency Shelter) - is intended for the urgent and transitory reception of Women Victims of Domestic Violence, accompanied (or not) by their minor children, with a current capacity of a total of 9 users.
  • Victim Assistance Center - "First Step" - aims to respond to victims of violence (domestic violence, rape, crimes, physical and psychological mistreatment, social exclusion, among others) without racial discrimination, nationality, ideology politics, religion, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, level of education, or any other factor. Ensuring support, follow-up, counseling and information in the social, psychological and legal spheres.

INTERN RESPONSABILITIES: the description of the job we propose values ​​only the behavioral competences. The functions will be carried out targeting women victims of domestic violence, and children, some of these victims, others integrated in households with deep economic, social and cultural needs.

- Management of groups (women and children);

- Promote the development of group skills, such as autonomy, creativity and initiative;

- Support individual and group communication processes; 

- Organize, coordinate and implement group dynamics;

- Ensure educational and cultural knowledge dissemination.

QUALIFICATIONS: knowledge of Portuguese is not essential although it facilitates communication to know some Portuguese and / or Spanish.

This NGO accepts 3 students, from May to August

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